Night Guards

A night guard, also commonly known as mouthguard or mouth piece, is a thermoplastic laminate that is shaped to the form of your teeth in order to create a protective cover. Initially, an impression of your upper or lower arch (determined by your dentist) is taken in order to have a mold of it, then the laminate is heated and vacuumed on the mold to be shaped.


Why would I need a Mouthguad?

If you were under an orthodontic treatment, suffering of occlusal trauma, bruxism, or had performed a partial or full rehabilitation of your teeth with crowns, this guard are indicated to protect yourself from possible damage due to clenching or grinding your teeth and, in the case of the orthodontic treatment, is also used as a retainer.


Does it take long to make a Night Guard?

Due to the drying time requested by the material used for the mold, this procedure would take about one hour to 1:30 hours to be ready, its non-painful and easy to do and use.


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