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Less expensive than USA

Typically, a procedure with DentiCenter costs patients 1/3 the amount the same procedure would cost in the U.S. Have questions about dental tourism? Check out our new video!

USA patients

Today, more than 97 percent of patients come from the U.S. to receive DentiCenter’s affordable dental care.

Dental professionals

Dr. Eng requires that his entire staff of 34 dental professionals complete his intensive, three-year residency program to ensure his staff meets the high standards of DentiCenter’s quality care.

DentiCenter locations

Relax as you travel to our office from the border crossing. Click here for details about our six DentiCenter locations!

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Why DentiCenter?

Reason 1

DentiCenter offers U.S. patients the same high-quality dental work they would receive in the U.S. – for only 1/3 the price! Don’t over-pay for your dental work. Instead come to DentiCenter and let us take care of all your dental needs with the highest level of professional and personalized service.

Reason 2

DentiCenter is the only company of its kind that is an in-network provider for both Delta Dental and Aetna, two of the largest U.S. dental insurance providers. Continually monitored and reviewed according to U.S. Quality Assurance Programs, DentiCenter complies with all U.S. health and dental standards. Visit Delta Dental or Aetna for more information.

Reason 3

DentiCenter takes care of every dental need efficiently and affordably. DentiCenter features an extensive, state-of-the-art dental practice, lab, pharmacy, and administration office, all under one roof. Our extensive treatment options include everything from general cleanings, braces, cavity filling to crowns, implants and root canals. Click here for details about our services!

Reason 4

DentiCenter’s convenient and safe services includes free transportation for all patients on a safe, convenient shuttle to/from the Mexico-U.S. border. Relax as you travel to our office from the border crossing. Click here for details about our six DentiCenter locations! Have questions about dental tourism?

Our History


Our Birth

Established in 1991, DentiCenter is the only Mexico-based dental company that complies with the strictest U.S. health guidelines to provide affordable, high quality dental care. Available for citizens living in the U.S. and Mexico, DentiCenter is the only company of its kind that is an in-network provider of two of the largest U.S. dental insurance providers, Delta Dental and Aetna. DentiCenter is closely monitored and reviewed by both insurance companies’ Quality Assurance Programs, which ensures the utmost quality and excellence in dental care, safety and patient results. DentiCenter offers this quality dental care at a more affordable cost to its patients.


First Dental Clinic in Mexico

Denticenter become the first dental clinic in Mexico to receive the certification for IN-Network Provider for all mayor dental insurances in USA. Whit they first clinic in Tijuana, Baja California Mexico


The Second Clinic

The second Clinic become a reality, providing service to all Calexico area opening the second clinic in Mexicali, Baja California Mexico.


The 3rd Clinic

The 3rd Clinic become a reality on the plan of expansion, providing service to all Arizona area opening the second clinic in San Luis, Sonora Mexico


Certified from AETNA

Denticenter is been certified from AETNA providing the best option in dental services in the border of USA and Mexico.


The 4rd Clinic

The 4rd clinic is been open at Reynosa, Tamaulipas Mexico attending all patient form the TEXAS state.


Patient Number 50,000

Denticenter attend their patient number 50,000 this is the result of a good formula best service at a great price.


New Clinic Tijuana

2018-We open Our New Clinic in Tijuana, for all of out patients whit the latest technology.

Latest dental technology

DentiCenter combines the latest dental technology with a seasoned team of dental, periodontal, orthodontic professionals, and oral surgeons – all under the same roof. Located within easy access of the U.S. and Mexican border, DentiCenter offices are in Tijuana, Mexicali, Reynosa, San Luis R.C., Otay and Nuevo Progreso and are all operated by licensed dentists, periodontists, orthodontists and oral surgeons.

Dr. Juan Pablo Eng

Dental visionary and certified periodontist, Dr. Juan Pablo Eng currently oversees DentiCenter and is an advocate for exemplary patient care. Upon completing his post-graduate training at the University of Southern California, Dr. Eng set out to provide affordable and quality dental care at convenient, full-service locations to patients in the U.S. and Mexico.

DentiCenter Health Compliance, Staff and Patient Experience

denticenter-staffAs the only dental company in Mexico that complies with the strictest U.S. sterilization and infection control standards, DentiCenter ensures that each patient receives only the highest quality of care. After receiving their degree.

Employers: Why Choose DentiCenter

Adding the DentiCenter program to an organization’s health plan serves as an excellent employee motivation, recruitment and retention tool. DentiCenter provides both U.S. and Mexico-based companies with an affordable dental plan that features the highest quality dental professionals, patient care and technology available. As a result of this dental option, businesses are more likely to attract higher-qualified employees, while keeping their existing staff happy, healthy and productive. With DentiCenter, quality dental care is more affordable and accessible to more employer groups, employees and uninsured patients.


DentiCenter has payment plan options if you need it. But I’m telling you, it’s affordable, you can still pay your rent!

Jeff Scott, San Diego
DentiCenter is always very clean and everyone is very professional. I encourage everyone to go to DentiCenter for their dental care. All you need is a passport and you can save thousands of dollars.

Danella Abbott, DentiCenter Patient
My son had four bad cavities and I was told that my U.S. health insurance covered only 50 percent of the procedure, which would have been financially devastating. That’s when I started looking into getting dental work done in Mexico – and I was stunned to learn the same exact procedure was 1/3 of the cost at DentiCenter, and my U.S. insurance covered almost all of the procedure with less money out of pocket. My experience was exceptional; the staff and health standards were the same high caliber as U.S. practices. I have been a DentiCenter patient for 15 years.

Randy Jones, Cy Young Award Winner, Former Pitcher, San Diego Padres
I’d recommend DentiCenter to anybody. I received very good care.

Dave M., Los Angeles
I searched for years for a high quality dentist in tijuana and have heard many stories about tijuana dentist and why the are so affordable. My health insurance in the U.S. was too expensive so I began searching for dentist in Tijuana and started with a google search “Tijuana Dentist” and “TJ Dentist”. After scouring the sites that came up the DentiCenter site stuck out to me and choosing them as my Tijuana Dentist turned out to be the best decision I’ve made. Just yards across the U.S. border, a DentiCenter representative met me and walked me to their office. The initial exam was free and my Tijuana Dentist spoke perfect english. I stayed for only a few hours and want to thank Dr. Eng and his Tijuana Dentist team.

DentiCenter Patient
Latest News

Latest News


We are working on new website to better serve you, we are at your service at the following contact numbers (619) 428-0690 or send us email: smile@denticenter.com Denticenter Team

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